Saturday, February 14, 2009

25 random things about me

I was tagged by Vaiji in Facebook to write 25 random things, facts, habits about me.

As I write this, I can only think of 8 things/facts about me. Let's see how I conjure up the rest (without sneek-peeking into Vaiji's list too much).
  1. I absolutely love the typical South Indian Filter coffee. I don't like Instant coffee. I am not a coffee addict, I am a kaapi-addict. Being away from home, I yearn for the magical cup (or davara-tumbler) of goodness. (pic courtesy Archana)
  2. KFC was my first job. Making Potato Gravy was my first task. It was yum!
  3. I blog. Writing for entertainment is a good time pass. Blogging is a great way to share/vent the observations/frustrations in life.
  4. I am a proud TamBram. I love the culture, tradition, literature, music....all the things that makes us, us.
  5. Having a crush or even liking a person whom you've never met or spoken to sounds crazy, but it is possible. When it happens, oh boy!
  6. I have three moles in my body.
  7. My Grandma, who left the earth last week, is one of the most determined person I've ever met.
  8. Good friends are hard to find. Best friends are much rarer.
  9. Lately, I've been having a lot of appreciation for the old adage "The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence".
  10. My favourite part of the day is early morning.
  11. The next, say, five years of my life are going to be very exciting.
  12. Queenstown and Milford Sound are the most beautiful places I have visited.
  13. The sexiest and most attractive part of women's body? Hmm...I've finally decided it's her brain.
  14. Yellow is my favourite colour.
  15. When I say #14, I hate it when people giggle and say "Yellow Yellow dirty fellow".
  16. I love the smell of Jasmine and Petrol. Sunflower is my favourite flower.
  17. I can't stand the smell of ripe/rotten bananas.
  18. I am a creature of impulse.
  19. Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar and I share the same birthday.
  20. I am an introvert.
  21. I had a wonderful childhood. Sometimes I wish I could relive those years again. I am very grateful to my parents for my upbringing.
  22. 5 movies I would like watch again: Iruvar, Fight Club, Memento, Aval Appadithan and Forrest Gump.
  23. 5 people, who are no more, I would like to meet: Winston Churchill, Subramanya Bharathi, my great grand-father, Akbar-the-Great and Adolf Hitler.
  24. I h8 it whn ppl ryte lyk tis.
  25. I believe A R Rahman is the best thing that has happened for Tamil cinema. ARR for Oscars. Jai Ho!


  1. suuupperr.. i luwd it.. yaar yaar yaar aval yaarooo.. ooor peer thaaan theriyaadooo ohooooo..yaar yaar yaar aval yaaaroooo??;).. sharing and caring da sriram.. hahahha.. e adichaan copy ku badilaa supperaa ezhudirukka.. aahaa.. yenakkum kaappi naa romba pidikkum andha vaasanaila thaan ezhunduppen da kaarthaaala.. ooorla.:)

  2. thx vaiji.

    naan yennan-u solla. Nee paatu sonna madhiri, naa oru paatu sollanum-na 'idhu enna maayam, idhu yedhuvarai poghum' (movie:Oram po) :)


  3. Hay da! I can honestly say if there's one thing I die for every hour here after my looonng India trip, it's the street kaapi for 3Rs...mmmm!! By the way, i really liked what you wrote on 21 - I think ur parents have done an amazing job in raising you :)

  4. foto suuppeer.. coffee paathaale naaku oooradhu..

  5. Was leafing thro few of your posts.
    And 13 was the best statement I ve read in a long time:)


  6. Gonna have to disagree with number 18 lol, you are by far the most careful person of your age i know