Saturday, February 21, 2009


A R Rahman has three nominations in this year's Oscar awards. This moment has been long reckoning in the illustrious career of ARR. From 'Chinna China Aasai' to 'Masakali' (Dilli-6), ARR has mesmerised us with his music.

It has been 18 years since his first movie, Mani Ratnam's Roja. Looking back, songs from ARR's oeuvre amaze us with the consistency and the abundance of hits. His music is the perfect unison of three traits every composer strives for: creativity, the undying spirit and the glorious uniqueness. With Rahman, you don't just hear the music, you feel it. You feel the soul of the song. Long after listening to the song, the rhythm and melody lingers within us in the background. Whether it is a fanaa or hamma hamma or thaiya thaiya...the music just reverberates.

I grew up listening to ARR's music. I was 7 years old when Roja was released. Having listened to many '80s Thamizh & Hindi cine songs, it is no doubt ARR has radically transformed the spectrum of Indian cine music. Music directors of pre-Rahman era (e.g. a Ilaiyaraja or a Lakshmikanth-Pyarelal or MS Viswanathan) had strict boundaries and dimensions in their music. IMHO, they were just, better, variants of their predecessors. No doubt they were geniuses in their own kind and did churn out numerous hits but majority of their songs were monotonic. Their approach appeared to be the same, and over the years people were sick of the crummy old tabla beats. I realise it is unfair to compare composers of different generations, but I feel ARR - when compared to other music directors - is more willing to experiment and expand his horizon. Some people look ahead but geniuses, like ARR, look far ahead than anyone can see.

ARR has ventured and adapted himself into different genres of music. Whether it is Carnatic music (Sangamam, Duet - saxophone combo with Kadri Gopalnath), or Hindustani music - ghazals, quwwali, or fusion or lately major Hollywood movies like LOTR sequel and Elizabeth, ARR embraces the genre. He is compulsively creative and his renditions traversed the across the music sub-sections of the country. Through music, I believe, he has united the musical-consciousness of India. Ravi Shastri once remarked that Sachin Tendulkar is sent from 'upstairs' to play cricket. In the same vein, I believe ARR is the 'ambassador of Providence' sent to reveal the unknown music within us. He is well and truly the symbol of modern Indian cine music.

I feel very lucky to have been born in the era of A R Rahman. He is a perfect role model. 2009 is packed with so many mega projects for Rahman. As a Rahmaniac, I couldn't be more happier.

Tomorrow is the Oscars Award ceremony. I am sure he'll win it. The Oscar deserves Rahman!

Anbu Thalaivaa
Vetri Nammake

Azhagiya Thamizh Magan Neethaney!


  1. Go ARR!! Excellent post on the legend. This is long time due and like you said OSCAR deserves ARR!!

  2. yea man...I hope he wins both nominations :)

  3. Bro...Congrats on your 1000 visits!! Your blog is growing...slowly!!

  4. sriram,

    very good write up on rahman. i too feel the same abt msv and ilaiyaraja. like u mentioned, they r great md's in there own accord but lacked the oomph rahman has. he has deservedly won teh oscars, tho i wasnt too excited abt slumdog millionaire.

    anyways, keep blogging. bookmarking u. i like yer writing - esp the street cricket post. i went back a few yrs reading that!

    Manchester- UK.

  5. JKB,

    Thanks for commenting in my blog. I am glad you liked the street cricket post.

    SM had great songs but definitely is not THE greatest of ARR albums. I think ARR's work in the '90s (e.g. Uyire, Iruvar, Duet..etc) were much better. I am not sure how many people will agree with me.

    Still, SM won the oscars and deservedly so!


  6. A very simple unassuming soul is Rahman. H e came from humble beginnings but chaose what he loved

  7. OMG!! I LOVE THIS!! The way you have written and praised him... "Some people look ahead but geniuses, like ARR, look far ahead than anyone can see." Enna oru discription! Truly grass itching!!! Should meet this genius one day!!

    1. Thanks Sowmya :) I want to meet him too! ARR rules my iPod and I'd love to have is autograph on it. I think I'll attain full janma saabalyam the day I meet him (one half has been adanjufied when I spoke to Sachin few years back :P)

    2. Sachin is now entering the Indian politics!! He shouldn't have left the cricket world!

    3. He hasnt left cricket. Sachu is playing only :)

    4. I saw some videos of him signing something! May be he is involved in both!?!