Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Kondalilla falls

I went hiking at Kondalilla National Park (KNP) last week. KNP is named after Kondalilla falls (the Aboriginal meaning of Kondalilla is rushing waters). It is 100kms north of Brisbane near a beautiful little town called Montville. KNP and Montville is in the Blackall Range. It is always a few degrees cooler than Brisbane making it a popular mountain retreat.

This was my second time hiking at KNP. I met someone special in my first visit. I was hoping for another meeting. It wasn't to be - much to the relief of my mates.

It was a crisp winter morning. The sun was out in its full glory. The track wasn't wet - just damp enough to keep the sticky leaches, fat earthworms and the odd reptile interested. Overall, a great hike.

Here are some pics.

I am still in the transition from the old Powershot A95 to the new SLR. This hike was a good chance to test out all the bells and whistles.


  1. Looks like you've been doing some hiking too! Those pics are SOO beautiful- that waterfall almost looks fake because of how perfect it is.

    And your camera is pretty awesome too.

  2. thanks fd. its the super duper, very expensive lens which makes the difference.

  3. buddy,
    the first and third pic looks awesome..
    it looks like some paiting kinds..

    good photography

  4. Impressive photography, Ram :-)

  5. Great photography man :D
    The Mention of SLR makes me envious;)

    Cheers :D

  6. witsnnuts,

    hehehe. thanks buddy! SLR is a beauty. with the right lens, it becomes a beast(in a good way that is). awesome camera.

  7. it came to my mind too when I saw the 3rd pic as though it was typical painting sort..gt wrk..
    careful when you go try to be conscious of the SOMEONE SPECIAL you met...

  8. Loved the reflection in the third pic! :)

  9. lol those waterfall pics look as if theyve been lit up, beautiful!

  10. The waterfalls are fluorescing as though they've been looked at under UV light! Pleasure paradise :) great work!