Sunday, August 9, 2009

En boss ooruku poitaaan!

This weekend was action packed. It was spent entirely at work. The boss is going on a long holiday. He decided the weekend will be used for knowledge transfer, getting me familiarised with certain procedures and protocols, list of meetings to attend, the importance of keeping the mouth shut, how to do the weekly crap and the monthly vomit...

By the end of today (Sunday), both of us had had enough. When I bid goodbye to him, the feeling could be best described by the clip below.

En boss oorukku poittaaan! :D


  1. I really hope he doesnt come back to pick up a file or air tickets or whatever !!

    And until then..thangamani...enjoy !


  2. Haha, long holiday? Sounds like you're going to be more relieved and relaxed than he is :P

  3. kavi, hehe...unlikely. he'll be flying over the pacific atm. yes, thangamani enjaaai. lol.

    fd, yea. its all part of the fun :)

  4. I never knew my bro is this good in writing a blog.. cool. i spent some decent time in exploring around .. i loved them all..

    and as well said.. Thnagamaniii ensoyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  5. will the mouse play when the cat is away???

  6. vijay, thanks da!

    chithi, defly. you gotta have fun you see. :D

    anon, danks.

  7. Can't stop laughing:-).

    Thisone is my all time fav comedy! You are damn creative to link to 2 ur boss!!

    So, did u chart out some super plans, while he is away??!!

  8. viji


    apart from the long lunch breaks, i crack the whips on the buggers! lol. na jus kidding, got lots work going on. no big plans, yet. :D

  9. This is my turn ..Macha ..

    The video reference was a cracker !! ha ha haa !! LMAO .
    Manapol Dhinam jamaai, Office daily ensaai .. ;)

    Cheers :D

  10. Gosh Janakaraj feels like a long time ago era in comedy!

  11. i know. this particular comedy however is timeless :)

  12. hahaha.... so, did u try the other scenes where he was not there :)

  13. hahaha..

    #looking around#

    naan romba #cough# #cough# nalla paiyan. :D

  14. This is the best post in ur blog! :) Nice one!
    Wish your boss drops in ur blog and gets it translated if he doesnt know Tamil :P Kidding!

  15. thanks Ponnarasi.

    haha. my boss is good sport though. he'd give me a jab and laugh with me. :D