Saturday, August 22, 2009


Nirmal has tagged me. Thanks mate! :)

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1. The Person who tagged you : Nirmal

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3. Date when you were tagged: 16 Aug 2009

4. Seven people I choose to tag are

My first award asked me to list 7 fav blogs. 7 obviously isn't enough because there are many fav blogs. I'll use this tag to add seven more blogs to the fav list.

Kavi's musings

I've been a quiet follower of Kavi's blog for sometime. I admire the way he puts his thoughts across. Kavi continually fascinates me with his observations and sightings . He has the uncanny ability to capture instances of daily life and eloquently put it in a wonderful perspective. His writings are very creative, it almost has a poetic touch to them. Kavi's blog is a pleasure to read. Way to go Sir!

Kokonad's Mostly Pointless

Witty and very entertaining. To a good writer, we say "you've gotta a way with words". To Kokonad, I say "you've gotta way with words, graphs and cartoons". Check out his photo blog. It's awesome too.

Foreign Desi

FD's blog is a potpourri of happenings in her daily life, her observations, posts on East v West divide, her thoughts & opinions (followed by probing questions) which reflect thinking of a confident and rational individual. FD is my first blog friend. Her blog tag line reads "Story of an Indian brought up in the West" - this, to a certain degree, applies to me so I relate well to her posts. FD always has an underlying sense of humour (with a tinge of sarcasm) in her writing. Interesting read, always.

The Mukund Perspective

Mukund is a newcomer to blogsphere. He has a strong command of the language which is quite evident with the seamless flow in his writing. His posts are honest and has the on-yer-face bluntness which I absolutely love. Mukund has written good reviews on movies & novels and has penned interesting posts on other aspects of life. I am looking forward to more great posts from the young fella.

Wits nNuts

This blog is funny. Witsy posts a funny picture series under the title "Bloopers and Sightings". He seems to be at the right place and right time! I haven't fully read the Singam Simmakanth series yet. Great blog.

Sriram's TRACES

This is the best photoblog I've seen. Sriram is a genius with the camera. Full stop.

Catherine's Cat in India

Catherine is a US-based English teacher on an assignment to teach written and spoken English at a high school in Kadod, Gujarat. Catherine accounts her experience living in Kadod, her views on Indian education and life in general in India.


  1. Thank you Sri ! Thank you indeed. And at home, i am sometimes referred to as the 'lord of small things' and i guess the blog has evolved to that prophecy !


    And after giving me such an award, i hope you will consider changing the 'Rambles' part of your blog name... :D

    Thanks once again mate. Appreciate the connection !

  2. I must add, that the other blogs that you mention here are just awesome. I am infact pleasantly surprised that my musings figures in this list, in the first place !!

    Thanks for leading me to these blogs.


  3. You're welcome! :) I enjoy reading your posts, your blog deserves it.

    lol at the "rambles" bit. When I created this blog, I had this overwhelming self-deprecating feeling, hence the name "Sri Rambles". However, with posts like this, what I write is anything but "rambles" - it is my honest thoughts.

  4. Thank youu! For the award and the description :) I will pass it on soon!!

    A lot of these blogs sound really interesting, I'll have to check them out

    (P.S: I am having a LOT of trouble posting comments with wordpress)

  5. Thanks mate !!

    Links like kavi's were too good. :)


  6. fd, you are welcome :)

    witsnnuts, it is :)

  7. Sriram,

    Thanks for completing the tag!!


    I am still waiting for ur blog on BLINK :)

  8. I've half-written the review. I'll finish it and post it soon.