Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Foreigndesi and Wits 'n' Nuts gave me the above awards. It was a pleasant surprise and I was really happy see my name on their list. So, thanks guys! The rules state that I have to list seven loves and pass it on to seven bloggers. So here I go,

7 Loves:

(I'll leave the family out of this)

Best friends - Without ma bros & niggas, life aint much fun.


Sunshine - Light. Warmth. Vibrance. I love spring/summer! It is good to like sunshine when you are Vitamin-D deficient.

Photography - It's a great joy when you've clicked the perfect photograph capturing the right moment. It is an art to observe and capture something special out of something which many may see as ordinary. I've been clicking here and there. Some good ones, some OK ones. I am looking to attend a few classes to get the basics right and to polish off a few rough edges.

Cricket - It's in the blood. From Book Cricket, to playing Street cricket, to opening the innings for Woodleigh CC at New Plymouth Boys High, nowadays Indoor Cricket...I cant get enough of it. Cricket, sometimes, is my opium.

Blogging - My new lauve since last November...

Work - Some aspects of it. :D

I'd like to pass this award to seven bloggers below:

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Nirmal's C' EST MA VIE

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  1. Awesome :)

    Haha, love how you go from bros to nigga's to lauve in three lines. How... gangsta of you?

  2. hehe.

    yea. it made few of mates proud too :)

  3. Ha ha ... Book Cricket uh ?? lol ..
    But street cricket is very addictive with its bizarre set of rules.
    Thanks for referring to some very good blogs.
    cheers :)

  4. Cheers!!
    I am glad you are really enjoying blogging since November!!

    Keep writing and thanks for sharing it with me :)

    Book cricket was super fun in free periods in school and college!! Street cricket was even funnier..with one pitch catches and hitting straight into someone's home was out ;)!!

    Hope blogging is a love and not a crush :P
    Enjoy writing!!

  5. oh my; just when i was thinking of-well. never mind.
    thank you very much indeed. :D

  6. well done may be this is the beginning of all awards you are going to collect in your lifetime.very proud of you and keep up the writing and photography.

  7. sujatha, dot, anjana & nirmal

    you are welcome!

  8. thnx mate:-).

    So kind of you! And ofcourse i am SMILLLLLLLLLLLING:-).