Saturday, June 6, 2009

The pursuit

A poem by me.
in the dawn
in the dusk,
in the light
in the shade,
in the quick laugh
in the careless snigger,
in the utopian dream
in the pang of reality,
in the extended silence
in the fleeting rhapsody,
in the vivacious adventure
in the hollowness of loneliness,
in the understanding smile
in the quiet tear,
in the quick blink of eye
in the meaning of untold words,
in every big leap
in every missed beat,
in every glowing success
in every stumble,
with the radiance of hope
and with faith,
I am searching,
but where?
in society, in people,
in culture, in traditions,
in us, in it,
in here, in there,
in you, in me!
Will I find it?
Have you found it?
I don't know.
I am searching,
I will keep searching,
for this pursuit never ends!


  1. B'ful poem:-)!

    Search with Faith:-)!You will Find:-)

    Btwa, hope all safe n sound with you with whatz going on there!

    Take Care!

  2. thank you.

    no problem in queensland, so far.

  3. Nice one!!
    Not many can of us can boast of writing poems in english! Tamil is quite understandable but in english is really really good@@

    Keep up that talent and dont let it go :)

  4. Bro... nice one. I really like some of the words you have used here. Well written.

    May be we should learn a thing or two from you about writing, especially poems :P

  5. thanks machan. this has been in the back of my mind for sometime. just found time to pen it down.

    "May be we should learn a thing or two from you about writing, especially poems"- ahaa *orey the pull arichings*. like how rajni tells sol papayya in sivaji movie, "yenna neenga romba pugazharenga!". lol.