Friday, June 26, 2009

RIP: Micheal Jackson

MJ will be sorely missed.
An icon of our generation. His music influenced and brought together people all over the world. MJ's music, style, dance was an identity to a generation of children and adults. He was part of the fabric of life for anyone who grew in the last 20 (?) years.
A music genius, his beats will groove us for years to come. MJ raised the bar and through his music & image he seeked peace and understanding. Most people mis-understood him, some realised his value. He treaded a path which many could've never imagined possible. But, he did it with grace and style. Love him or loathe him. Call him a victim or a paedophile. Make of the butt of countless stupid jokes. Nothing will never ever remove the musical genius that was Micheal Jackson.
This is a sad day. It's a huge loss to music, pop culture and humankind. He left us too soon.

MJ - the King of Pop. The one, the one there will ever be. RIP.


  1. MJ - RIP!

    Yeah his music will always bring back best memories of his!

    There might be millions of his videos but this is one of my favorite of his stage performances..