Monday, June 29, 2009

Monday morning

7.47AM. Monday morning. Physically awake - but mentally asleep - I stroll into a cafe near my work place for the much needed dose of caffeine. It was an unusually long queue. Waiting in the tail of the queue, I hear this. It looks like some people did not have a pleasant weekend after all!

Attendant: Who's waiting?
Mr Happy: We all are!
The attendant frowns.
A: Can I take your order?
MH: What's the muffin of the day?
A: Fruits of the forest.
MH: *sniggers* Which forest?
A gives him a cold look. MH likes trouble more than Muffins I think. :)
A: Sorry?
MH: *smiles* Ah..dont worry about it. Any others?
A: We have Choc chip cookie.
MH: *with a smirk on his face* Can I have a lookiee?
A: *frowns again. with a cold look on the face, she points at the muffin basket* it's in there.
MH: um hmm. I'll grab that.
A: Anything else?
MH: Cappucino, to go please.
after 2 seconds
MH: Oh. Can I have an extra shot with that please?
after 3 seconds
MH: Can you please use extra hot milk as well, please?
MH: If you can, please use less fat milk.
after 2 seconds
MH: Can you double cup it. Sorry miss. *gives a big smile*
* Attendant steps back. Puts her hands on her hips. Takes a deep breath*
A: * in a flat and raised tone* anything else?
MH: No. *pauses. looks her in the eye* Thank you.
MH: *quietly muttering* Thanks for being snappy.
A: *in a flat out intimidating tone* I beg your PARDON!
MH: I said thaanks for doing my co-f-f-eee! *sporting a plastic smile*
A: Is that right?
MH: yeah...

MH's Cappucino may have tasted like cardboard. It was high voltage start to a Monday morning. I was fully awake by the time I arrived to the counter. Screw the caffeine!

Here's to an exciting- but, trouble free - week! :)


  1. Haha I worked in fast food for two summers- so I can totally relate to poor A :P After all that, I've seen a few "MH's" who ask why it cost so much when the prices are written right over their heads. Then the next customer in line (Mr.Grumpy) would get mad at ME. Oh the joys of fast food.

  2. Heh heh heh heh! :D Nice narration!

  3. lol was this inspired by a certain r.k. narayan book? but it sounds like a much more effective alternative to coffee lmao, btw chek my blog as well man!

  4. This reminds me of a certain Chipotle incident. I feel sorry for ppl who attend to me sometimes. :P

  5. You should watch this -

    The girl and the guy want to get into an illegal club inside a grocery shop. In order to get in, they need to show the egg (secret code). And this what happened when they went to the wrong shop.

    For some weird reason, I was imagining "A" as the lady in the clip and the anti climax if she had said the exact same lines " I donno what you're on, but am calling the police"

  6. witsnuts, not sure. i think they both deserve each other!

    foreigndesi, hehe. i once had a customer - straight of the boat indian - ask for a bargain by comparing the burger prices with McD.

    customer: you are charging $4.20 for a vege burger. mcdonalds charges only $3.40. common ya. it is too much.

    me: !!

    kokonad, thanks!

    mukund, this happened at work.

    anjana, :)

    dot, hehe. had the lady been a bit more grumpier it wud've been ditto A :)