Monday, June 8, 2009

Liz's Birthday

I love long weekends. Who doesn't? A glorious Monday here capped off a nice Queen's birthday weekend. The Queen's actual birthday is April 21st. But no one gives a hoot. We seem to celebrate it in June. Another reason to take a day off from work I guess. The strange thing is England doesn't have a holiday for Queen's birthday. I wonder why.

It was a incredible winter day today. I woke up and felt like a long run. I ran, jogged, then ambled - all in equal proportions. I took a few pictures on the way.

Admiring the Story Bridge from coffee table point of view. Sorry about the sun, Canon!

Yea...that's mine.

Good cafe this

Just married!
A spur of the moment thing. The photographer told the couple to get on the road quickly before the traffic came in. If you remove the dudes in front, I think I took a perfect shot :D

A walkway to the Botanical Gardens.


  1. You should post more snaps.

  2. Hey nice photography there !!

  3. Wow, you live in a beautiful place! My run's would probably be an endless array of houses, and a shopping center every now and then.

    Long weekends are awesome, my next long weekend isn't until August. Unless you count the Wednesday we get off for Canada Day!

  4. dot, will do.

    witsnnuts, thank you :D

    foreigndesi, same here. the next public holiday is in aug. then we have a dry run till xmas! its no good.

  5. Wow! Great photography:-)

    Wedding at the signal...Interesting:-)

  6. Until Xmas!! No wonder they throw in the Queen's birthday!

    We have Labour Day in September, Thanksgiving in October before Christmas.

  7. viji, thank you. the couple had extensive photo shoot at interesting locales. :)

    foreigndesi, i missed out Show Day in August. but still not enough public holidays. compared to india we have nothing :)

  8. You seem to have a good time there buddy!!

    Keep enjoying and nice pics you have shared!!

    btw is it because Australia was under Britain? I am very poor in history :)

  9. nirmal, thanks mate! yea australia is part of the commonwealth realm. we still bow to the queen!

  10. I like the second photo the best!
    The colour of the water is just beautiful........

  11. winter is my favorite season. :)

  12. nice photos of a beautiful city.may be just for fun take photos of people going on with their life as we see in Times or Readers Digest because I know your photos have depth to them .Have you done the bridge walk and you will probably get some great views from there/keep it up.

  13. swetha, thankoo!

    anjana, i love spring.

    chithi, i did take a few. will send them.

  14. remove the dudes, the taillights, rear view mirrors and cars...