Sunday, December 6, 2009

Out and about

I've been playing around with my new SLR camera (Canon 450D) for the past one week taking pics of random things around the house. This weekend I visited some of the pretty locales in the city to take photos and apply whatever I've learnt from the camera manual and some digital photography sites.

Here are some pics.

The Story Bridge - one of my fav places in Brisbane

Story Bridge climb - gotta do this!


Do you know the name of this flower? She looks like Sunflower's cousin. Beautiful isn't?

It had just rained. The sun finally broke free.

I remember looking at light trail photographs during those library periods at school. Light trail photography always fascinated me and I've wondered how such pics were taken. I managed to shoot light trails, took pics at different shutter speeds with varying results.

The museum

The Big wheel at night

City museum again

I love my new camera. So,

oops. missed the dot for the ' i ', here again...

None of these pics are post-processed. It's hot off the camera. I am still learning about digital post processing. Hope you like these pics! :-)


Update (9th Dec 2009):

Few people have asked me how I did the 'I Love You' photo. That pic, obviously, is another attempt at light trail photography. The camera was perched on the tripod. I selected Manual mode (M), set an f-stop of 11 or 16 or could be even lower aperture and set an exposure of 10 seconds. The ISO was set to 100. I used a torch to write " I 'heart' you ". You can probably guess how I managed to place the dot above the ' i '. Cheers :)


  1. Pics are eye-catching Sriram. Nice! I love the light trail photography. So vibrantly technicoloured museum...and my favourite one is the one titled 'friendship'. Very cute! Black and white suits it so much and gives you an opportunity to paint the colour of friendship yourself. They both look like they have no restrictions or reservations towards each other and that's a quality of true friendship. Your pics say a thousand words to my mind. Wonderful sums it up. Keep it up Mr. Photographer :) really happy that you found your love. hehe

  2. Congrats again on your DSLR! Great buy indeed.

    Nice pics, impressive. I am sure with time and experience you will be start to snap some amazing pics.

    Good luck and keep clicking!!

  3. cool pics....the photo eye is existing in those pair of glass...the cousin of the sunflower is called marigold (something like that)...good eye of pics and good camera...good work well done....

  4. Pearls of life, thanks! :) i like the friendship pic too. i shot it in sepia and BW. The BW pic looked better. keep visiting!

    ganesh, thanks mapla!

    anon, marigold! ahh..thanks for the info.

  5. Awesome pics.. The pics "Big wheel at night" and " City Museum" are my Fav ones.. Enjoy ur new camera.. :) and thanks for sharing the pics..

  6. maitrayee, nandri hei! i just looked at G's honeybee pic. semma pic adhu. ill try to take a similar one here :)

  7. Lovely pictures. Many congratulations on the DSLR. And you are already proving to be worthy owner !!!

    Keep the clicks going !


  8. Sup nice pics dude...ur still in early stages of learning..and they are already looking pretty good...


  9. Fantabulous!!...loweeee your photography...:)

    Sri..what more you have in store for us to fall for?..;).attracted a bunch through your blog, now another bunch as a PHOTOGRAPHER...

    ..dig out all your talents hiding down sure you still have alot more in YOU!

  10. Bro...Was just looking at your pics again...Just one word 'awesome'!! Impressive work :)

  11. abhi, danke. hope the update helped.

    nu, welcome here. thanks :)

    sarah, thanks! will post more pics as I go. glad u liked the pics :D

    ganesh, cheers mapla. neeyum un blog-la super pics potruka. more pics upload pannu/ :)

    vijay ganesh, thanks :)

  12. Hey Sriram, pics do speak volumes....Seeing ur DSLR, cant agree more:-).

    All lovely fotos....

    hey, "i love u" has come out so well, in fact if u want to propose to somebody, do send dis out!!!!

    I liked the "sunflower cousin" too:-).

  13. Sriram,

    I guess you should have a seperate photo blog too for these pictures.

    Awesome stuff