Friday, December 25, 2009

Stradbroke Island

Last weekend, I visited Stradbroke Island with my friends. Stradbroke Island (or Straddie, colloquially) is 40kms SE of Brisbane. Straddie is known for its rugged landscape and spectacular white sand beaches. There are numerous scenic walk tracks and picnic spots. However people visit Stradbroke Island for its main attraction - beaches.

We decided to reach Stradbroke Island by 9AM. We drove to Cleveland Bay to catch the 8AM ferry. The ferry ride takes ~45mins to reach Straddie. The weather god wasn't in his best mood at the start of the day. The skies were cloudy and there was the odd drizzle too. By afternoon, good-old Queensland weather was back! It was hot and humid. We didn't feel the 32 degrees heat though. We were in the water - swimming, body-boarding, surfing, playing beach cricket (with yours truly half destroying a kid's sandcastle with his signature cover drive)....yea. Awesome fun! :D

This was a one day trip. We had time only to visit two of the four popular beaches in Stradbroke Island.

Main Beach: The best beach at Straddie. There were strangely not many people in the beach that day. The big swells and strong waves were perfect for surfing and body boarding. We spent most of our time here.

Main Beach

Cylinder Beach: A very picturesque beach. This beach is relatively shallow hence the waves were small. Compared to main beach, there were lots of people around. Kids playing in the water/sand, people sunbathing, barbecuing etc. The music was on...the beers flowed freely. It was very lively. Cylinder beach must be the most family-friendly beach I've ever been to.

Cylinder beach

There were many lifeguards on patrol at Cylinder Beach. I had a chat with couple of them. I learnt that most lifeguards at Stradbroke Island are volunteers. The majority of them are school/uni students. They love the beach, the surf, and working as a lifeguard is way to be out there and help people. Good on you guys!

Lifeguard patrol

We spotted this famous guy (carrying the surf in the pic below) at Cylinder beach. He's one of Queensland's favourite sons. Recognise him?

Bheem boy

We did the scenic coastal track before we left the island. The ocean view from the lookout points and the headland were simply breathtaking. Here are some pics.

friend_1 admiring the view

Scenic walk

friend_1 & friend_2 taking in the view

Point Lookout

"Take me away" - at the edge of the cliff. Wattey view.

Overall, an awesome weekend! :D


  1. Who is this Queensland chap ? Its having me intrigued...

  2. Nice pics!!! Beaches are ultimate nature's beauty.

    Advanced New Year Wishes Dude!!
    Rock On!!!

  3. Beauitful pics of beutiful beach. Nice post!

    Best wishes. :)

  4. nirmal, thanks mate :) wish you the same!

    chandrika, thanks :)

  5. pics look pretty good man....seems like ur loving.... ur camera...


  6. Wow...the pictures are awesome....I cant think of another word;-o. Absolutely loved scenic walk, point lookout and whattey view!!!!

    Why r they so small....the bigger they r, the more fantastic they'll look;-))

  7. ROFL @ Bheem boy!
    this reminds me of my Great Ocean Road trip as a child(Melbourne).

  8. abhishek, thanks bro. yes, the SLR is aasum!

    Reflections, welcome to the blog. thanks you! yep, ill make the pics bigger from next time. thanks for commenting :)

    anjana, long time! "bheem boy" - lol. yea, he is a big unit. apt name for him. :D

  9. hahaha haydos, nice! did u speak to him?

  10. Lovely... do some photowalk once in a month or so... I love the picturesque australia...

  11. mukund, no. he was with his family. i didnt wanna disturb him.

    VijayGanesh, danks :)

  12. Wow, the beach looks so exotic! The shore, sand, greenary around, everything looks so b'ful:-).

    Is thr any "Life Guard" job avaiable in one of these beaches????!!!!

    HAPPY NEW YEAR, Sriram:-).

  13. awesome camera result dude!cannon 450D eh