Monday, July 6, 2009

Life without Internet

I moved to a new place last week. I am flatting with four people. I like the look & feel of my room. It is spacious and there is enough free space for me to practise my cover drive with the full flourish or to bowl with a shortened run-up.

"Heyy...hows it? Oh BTW, no internet for next 3 weeks". I laughed it off thinking it was a joke. I bumped into another flatmate. He told me the same with a look of a child lost in a big trade fair. "Freakin Telstra". He was pissed off. The Internet connection was under the name of my room's previous occupant. When she moved, the Internet moved with her. When you snatch a candy of a kid, the kid cries. When you unplug a group on internet junkies, they fume. The world cease to make sense to them. They feel lost in their own homes. They feel lonely even in the arms of their loved ones. Everything is a blur. Our new ISP has advised us it'll take between 10-14 working days to get plugged in again. :

This weekend - like any other weekend - was for two days. But it was a one of looongest weekends I've had. It was pouring outside. With no Internet, I had so much time to do other stuff. I finished reading two books - RK Narayan's Horse and 2 goats & Malcolm Gladwell's Blink. Both books were fantastic read. I am planning to write a post on Blink sometime. I played Solitaire and Minesweeper after a long time. I cleared the sent items which had mails I sent during my first week at work (~2.5 years back). I defragged my HD, I have the cleanest desktop on the planet and all my music is fully backed up. My notebook feels light and is smiling at me.

Since I just moved in and I was running out of things to do, I decided to rearrange my furniture (read as: I am very bored and I'll do anything to break this state of mind). I wanted a different layout. So, I moved stuff around. Arranged. Re-arranged. Meddled. Almost broke one leg of the dining table chair. "Oh no...I'll google the fix for this... Crap, No internet". I then used a trick I applied in my 1st year engineering design project and managed fix/tighten the leg. Felt really good. Re-re-arranged. I realised I've come a full circle that I ended with a layout similar to the initial layout. There are only n amount layouts one can try in this room. Felt stupid and carried on. The power of boredom continues to amaze me.

Just like last weekend, the weekday evenings were quite slow as well. One weekday evening went like this: I come back after work, I walk into my room. I make myself a cuppa tea. Switch on my notebook to break the deafening silence. As I switch the notebook on , I realise there is no Internet. I lean back in my chair and look out of the window. For the next few minutes, I keep staring. Nothing in particular really. Just staring. I am neither happy or sad. A state where everything is perfectly neutral and blank. I keep staring. The staring is interspersed with sips of Earl grey. After a few minutes, I realise I am not doing anything . I look around and move on. This may look really weird to some of you. Perhaps this is the brain's way of adjusting to the absense of something which is a part of daily life, something it probably took for granted, something which it thought was critical to our digtalised existance. Perhaps the brain was trying to fill a void within itself while in the right-wad-do-we-do-now mode.

2 more weeks to go. Internet, I miss you. *sigh*


  1. When I'm bored :P I organize and rearrange things too.

    I always thought I was the only one!

  2. lolol, i think that the way i felt when a certain someone *unsuccesfully* blocked internet explorer. "Patta thaan theriyum"

    ; )

  3. mukund, hehe..unsuccesfully? *ahem ahem* i can still hear the pleas and threats from a 'certain someone' :D

    fd, thanks :)

  4. I seriously pity you! There is nothing much to do without the net!

    BTW, you should get an iPhone/ Blackberry or any such 3G device. My iPhone helped me break the monotony of no computer when my laptop was taken away for some repair for a week....atleast, I could read the blogs, twitter and the news!

  5. Some suggestions to kill your free time:

    1. Hit the gym
    2. Rent dvds
    3. Prepare drafts for blog post

    Lastly, if you've are extremely depressed or helpless without internet, get 3G ;-)

  6. hmmm...I pity you poor thing...but on the positive side, look how much you have done and what more you could do...its a good break from the web world...

  7. kaushik,

    thanks for dropping by. my mobile has 3G - so cricinfo and Gmail are never too far away. for me, browsing with a mobile just doesnt compare to browsing with a notebook. perhaps it's time to upgrade my phone!


    yup. after work, I'll pretty much alternate between the squash court and #3 for the next few weeks. and..TG43G!


    err..i dunno :|

  8. whooooo needs to get laid?
    u do.
    whooooo needs to get laid?
    u do.
    whooooo needs to get laid ?
    u do.

    awwwww kuchi kuchi goooochaaaaiiiii

  9. Wish you good luck in ur new house too !

  10. Life is tough without the internet. But just when you think you cant do without something, and it gets taken away from you, youd be surprised at how quickly we adapt to life without tht "necessity."
    RK Narayan is awesome. Try his short story "Annamalai."

  11. Well in this age being hyper connected seems like the new normal.

  12. VijayGanesh, thanks!


    very true! yes, Annamalai was really good. Such a poignant ending!

    kamana sharma, :)

  13. I am waiting for your blog post on BLINK :)

    Yeah its difficult to imagine a life without internet but then you may miss it two or three days then you would also get use to the non internet life too

  14. nirmal, thanks. working on Blink post atm.

  15. It sucks to be without internet..
    Like Dot said, u can kill time by preparing drafts.

    Cheers :D

  16. Ha Ha welcome to our world i.e people who are not attached so much to the mod cons.The best relaxation is finish all chores and after a long bath fill up your plate and take a book and forget the rest of the world .works like a treat and as Dot says hit the gym.Hope you get your internet soon