Thursday, April 23, 2009

Twenty Five

A birthday poem by me.

*in the tune of the birthday song *

Happy Birthday to Sri
who lives in the Valley
he kinda feels lonely
cos of the birthday glee.

His Mother may shed a tear
that he's not very near
he will make a phone call
to get her blessings and all

The pub is beckoning
his mates are reckoning
he'll sure get smothered
but he's least bothered

His friends aren't many many
they are there for any
coupla them are techs
the rest are paramadicks

Sri is the Son of Gun
he'll have you on the run
he may show lil clement
if you leave a big comment

He's turning 25
His old man is 55
Sri may look cool blue
he really doesn't have a clue!

Whatever said and done
there is lots to be done
the joy is really rife
here's to a good life!


I was born on April 24th.

Yes, I share birthday with my Idol, Sachin Tendulkar. Happy Birthday Sachin!


  1. Wow.. cool to share ur birthday with Sachin. Many many happy returns of the day, Sriram!

  2. It sure is.

    Thanks for your wishes!

  3. Thala...Iniya piranthanal nal vazhthukkal!!!! May you have a great day and an awesome year ahead. By the way, should I get started about my experiences with Sachin?? LOL

  4. hey sriram .... we song happy bday to u for real da.... hope u had a good one

  5. na India varumbodhu kandippa treat! :D

  6. G, thanks bro. sollu sollu, avaloda waiting.

    Sailajah, thanks to u and Valli! I had a great time at ur place and the cake was delicious! :D

  7. Well Sri, I take this opportunity to wish you again for a bright future. I took little time to read your interesting blogs,I shld say your articles are awesome and well written, Indeed you have some good sense of humou which is felt in all yr msgs, I shared the same with your grandma yesterday some pearls of yr writings.I wish you all success for your future endevours

    Your affly
    Subha Nagaraj

  8. thanx da .... hope u enjoyed the rasam too :)

  9. belated happy bday :) hope u had a wonderful day and got smothered at the pub...after all making merry is what b'days are meant for :)

    and "paramadicks" - LOL!!!!

    wvc - rockstro - rockstar??? ;)

  10. Subha mami, thank you!

    Sailajah, rasam was yum! had it for dinner.

    Princess, thanks for the wishes. lol...i made a conscious effort to watch my mates get smothered on my behalf. twas great fun tho! rockstar/rockstro...err dont understand. pl explain.

  11. Sriram,

    I am quite late!

    Many more happy returns of the day!

    Have a blissful year ahead!!

  12. Belated B'Day Wishes, Sriram!

    "Many More Happy Returns of the Day":-)!

    Have a WONDERFUL year ahead:-).

  13. nirmal, thanks mate!

    viji, thanks!

  14. ah rhymes. i lou rhymes. especially special birthday rhymes.

  15. have a big fan following :) :)

  16. ow felt sad that you were lonely on your bthday and I can assure you that I was thinking about you and prayed for your health and wealth .Seeing you as a newborn was a great thrill and seeing you grow up as a warm,intelligent human is a pleasure.keep it up

  17. sri...I keep reading the blog...the poem is very very good...I hear DIP DIP Blue is still fresh as if today...