Saturday, September 12, 2009


Thanks DF

The annual Brisbane Festival started this week with last night's Riverfire. Riverfire is an extravagant firework display show from three major Brisbane bridges, a select few skyscrapers in the CBD and few boats on Brisbane River.

This is my first time at the show and I have to say the fireworks display were absolutely stunning. For 30 minutes, over 600,000 people (yes, you read it right) who thronged the banks of the Brisbane River were treated to some breathtaking display of fireworks. The night sky was lit up in plethora of colours. Some firework burst into patterns/symbols like smiley face, heart symbol, two hearts merging etc, some fireworks were choreographed to burst with beats of popular songs by AC/DC, Lenny Kravitz and A R Rahman's Jai Ho (Pussycat Dolls version). The timing of beats and bursts was almost perfect. Fantastic work!

The OMG-this-is-too-good moment was the show's finale - dump and burn by F-111 fighter jets. The fighter jets zoomed over the CBD, flying fast and low, with the bright yellow trail of burning jet fuel. The F-111s were flying low enough I could feel the heat of the burnt fuel and the ground shake. The noise was just unbelievable.

Below is the video I managed take from my good old Powershot as I watched the F-111s in an open-mouthed wonder.

Note to self for next year's Riverfire: Don't trust Tiffanys Bar table booking. Arrive early. Secure a vantage point. Get the bloody SLR and take pics!


  1. Seems like something. Wonder if the Sivakasi folks have a presence here

  2. ponnarasi, welcome! i didnt take the pic. i nicked it off somewhere.

    kavi, i was wondering that too. after all the spectacular rockets exploding with different colours, sparks - the indian in me was still yearning to see and hear the sivakasi special - the 1000000 wala. Nothing can replace that. :D

  3. More than anything, I liked the note to the self:D

  4. Wow....thats stunning....I think I should treat myself next year for special event...Danka for sharing

  5. 6 lakh ppl ? WOW
    and fireworks must be a fascinating spectacle to watch!!

    I wished Chennai Day was celebrated like that....

  6. archana,

    true. take away the F111 - to me, the whole event boiled down to that :)


    no probs. next year it is. F111 wont be flying around though.


    ya. it felt as if whole of bris was there. packed it was.

    chennai day - wud be awesome if TN govt celebrates it grand considering the rich history madras has.

  7. Wow! That looks awesome. I went to watch a fireworks show for Canada Day this summer as well, and it's definitely a great feeling!