Sunday, May 20, 2012

What is Kolaveri?

I don't own a house, yet. When I am ready for one, I would want to build it from scratch so I can mould it to suit my lifestyle and taste. I want to plan, design, choose every minute aspect of its look and feel, and watch it get built from ground up. Heck, if I am gonna be paying a ghastly 6-figure mortgage for the next couple of decades, might as well pay for the house I love, no?

Buck, a friend of mine, is an accountant cum part-time builder. He's a sort of a bloke companies like Hire A Hubby envy. Buck is currently renovating his place, I've volunteered to assist him and acquire some gyan about house-building, renovation etc.

Nothing, I thought, will be as hard, as we had spent a hot afternoon sitting in the roof (where the mercury stood at  outside temp + 30 degC) stuffing Pink Batts. The carpets were going to be laid the next day. So on night one, we moved all upstairs furniture from one side of the house to the other. The next day the carpet layers laid the carpet and we moved all the furniture back on to the new carpet, leaving the other side of the house empty and ready for the carpet layers next day. They arrived the next day with the news that they had come with a different coloured carpet because they ran out of carpet they had laid the previous day, so they had to rip up the already laid carpet which meant shifting ALL the furniture again. Aaaah, you get the picture?

And to add to the fury, apparently one of the carpet guys knew about the lack of stock, but carried on with the job because he thought he could source new stock from other carpet stores only to find later that none of them had that particular colour carpet! You know, sometimes my fellow citizens amaze me by how effortlessly they take slackery and incompetence to levels outside this universe.

I don't know what Dhanush was talking about in that song, but the emotion we felt that particular moment was what I'd call pure, unadulterated, Agmark-stamped Kolaveri. Thank God I didn't have my veecharuvaa, or else...


  1. Agmark stamp? Haha! That kolaveri song is for lauu failure, yours is a true kolaveri. And a veecharuva? Romba bayama irrukku!!

  2. I love how the first para has been "inspired" by a certain Ex-CEO, lol. Your efforts to express your feelings on an experience through a shared philosophy from a song is new territory for you (i think). You should keep doing that, as you are a person with an excellent taste in music, the writing you will produce under this analogy will be insightful.

    1. Thanks for your comment. Which ex-CEO are you referring to? S P Jobs?

  3. loved the read.. my question to you is this.. i share the same sentiment when it comes to why pay a mortgage for a lifetime and live in a place that complete satisfaction maynot exist but you choose to accept it as it ticks most boxes.. like we do with most things in life actually:) but what im trying to get to is this.. in today's lifestyle, as a by product of globalisation we do not or cannot or forced not to stay in one place for too long.. then why build a house that meets your taste buds to be enjoyed by someone else that may not share the same feelings..
    if you argue that building a house is an experience you want to add to your portfolio - then yea.. ok that would be an amazing experience.. :)
    so...i am glad you got to experience moving furniture around:) I highly recommend you read this blog about going on a worthless mission - one of my recent fav's ""