Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Idhu dhaanda body!

"If you are talking about a guy's six pack, it better be about the beers" - Unknown

Well, after looking at these pictures, I'll make an exception.

It was heartening to see Surya and Vishal flaunt their six-packs in their recent movies. Apart from Action King Arjun and Chiyaan Vikram (Vijay is not too bad either), Tamil actors were not known for trim bodies, toned muscles, fit or atheletic figures. They were renowned for the opposite - big bellies and bloated looks. This reminds me of a Vivek joke in Saamy. Vivek goes to a pot-bellied cop "Pramaadhama investigate panni puduchitel. I am very proud of you. Aana onnu, unga thopaiya mattum korachukhongo...illeane unga shoe-ey ungala paakamudiyaadhu...hahah" LOL

I hope this sets a benchmark for future actors. You may want to check out this well written post by Raju on sexy six pack.

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