Friday, December 19, 2008

Sennheiser HD 202

My Philips earphones stopped working last week. Philips earphones, like any of other $20-odd earphones, do not work for me for more than a year. So this time I went looking for new ones with an intent to try something different - noise cancelling headphones. After doing some research, I quickly realised active-noise cancelling headphones, with a price tag between $300 to 400, would be bit of a overkill. I settled for a passive noise cancelling headphone. JB Hi Fi had a wide variety of these headphones to try on. I took my mp3 player loaded with my favourite song(s) in different genre to trial out my next headphone. In the end, I bought Sennheiser HD 202.

I have had HD 202 for a week now and I absolutely love it for the following reasons:
  • Performance: Excellent audio response. Powerful Bass. Performs well at high sound level. Quite crisp at low bass levels.
  • Ambient noise: Good at blocking ambient noise. The ear cup with its oval shaped ear pads fits around your ears thereby blocks most of the ambient noise.
  • Comfort: HD 202 fits me well. It is light weight. The soft leather-like, replaceable ear pads feels goods on the ears. I was able to wear this thorough the length of a Tamil movie without feeling uncomfortable/the need to remove it. HD 202 also comes with a belt clip for adjusting cable length when on the move.
  • Portability: Unlike Philips earphones, it isn't the most easiest things to carry around. I am still looking for a suitable carry case. It appears rugged in build...and I can probably chuck it in the backpack with other things. It probably wont last very long if I do that. The bulkiness is a limitation, I think.
  • Cable length: 3 metres. The cable length for Philips earphones was only 1 metre. With 1 meter, I was always on a tight leash with the laptop or the mp3 player. 3 metres is good.
  • Price & Warranty - AU$68 at JB Hi Fi, Brisbane. 2 years warranty. Good price, quality product.
Thumbs up!

Do you use HD 202? Or are you planning to buy HD 202? Your comments or queries are welcome.


  1. did u get a carry case with this?

  2. love it too..waiting to get one someone has promised to buy this for me..trying hard to loose/break the one I good to keep ears warm while going for a walk...

  3. NO even i didn't get any carry case and i want to buy one can anyone suggest where can i get one..!!

  4. Kevin, I found a hard carry case in JB HiFi Brisbane CBD store. I am not sure if they still sell those. If you are based in Australia, check your local JB HiFI store.