Thursday, May 21, 2009

Flight Plight

This video reminded me of Pacific Blue.

A clip from Carol Burnett Show. A slightly exaggerated version of the above video.

Foreigndesi found a clip where a flight attendant raps before take off. Check it out.


  1. Bro..I am not sure where you sourced these clips from but they are funny alright, especially the "no frills airline". I was just thinking how I would react if I was flying in one of those airlines...LOL

    You should every now and then post these kind of funny clips, articles, etc... Just to keep the audience laughing.

  2. I got these clips from youtube. Yea will post interesting videos.

  3. I linked my blog to this post

    I found another video that was quite similar and remembered this as I was posting it so I wanted to give you credits

    I hope you don't mind :)

  4. foreigndesi, no probs and thank you for linking this post :)