Saturday, May 30, 2009

Spell Bee

Kavya Shivashankar - Winner of 2009 National Spelling Bee

Malarghal-idhathey ulla malarndha podigalai araaindhu kondu irukum
kumbi-inathai serndha uyarndha jaadhi vandey,

nee kanda malarghalil,
im-mangaiyin vida adhiga ezhuthu-kootum aatral
veroru malarukku undo?!


Oh honey bee, breeding on the nectar of flowers,
Is there a flower you know of,
which could spell better than our girl?! *

I am sure there won't be a Nakeeran style disagreement for the poem. Or, is there?

Some words which Kavya spelt easily: antonomasia, bouquiniste, oriflamme, guayabera, isagoge, sophrosynephoresy, hydrargyrum, blancmange, baignoire, laodicean (winning word). Phew...

Kavya, go girl!


* Ofcourse, the poem is the spoofed version from this famous movie.


  1. Lol @ your poem. I wish I knew Tamil better to appreciate the Tamil version *sob sob*

    GRE would be peanuts for her :-)

  2. dot,

    true! this kid will ace GRE. it's amazing that desi kids have a great track record in the spell bee contests.

  3. I wonder if MS WORD does not support Spell Check, evalo kastham padavendiyadhu irrukum!!

    Nammala Kavya levelku vara vaipey ella!!

    Thanks to spell check and grammar correction suggestions which makes typing easy!!

  4. babu, yes.

    nirmal, hehe. microsoft vaazhgha!