Monday, October 5, 2009

This = rand(thots, 1)

  • Watched Unnai Pol Oruvan last weekend. A great movie. Unlike the friends I went with, I haven't seen the original, A Wednesday. I think having not seen the original helped me to appreciate movie on its own context without the inevitable comparison. While watching UPO, it took me a while to see Kamal as a common man. As the movie progressed, Kamal - the character - grew in me. Except for dialogues (only at some instances), every aspect of the movie was almost perfect. And no, I didn't find MohanLal's accent irritating. I actually liked it.
  • Kamal proves, yet again, he is one of the few people to take Tamil Cinema to the next level. I really admire the brilliance and versatility of the man - not only as an actor - but as a movie maker. He is one of the few persons who really understands the medium called cinema. Legend!
  • Things have been busy in work front. The last month has been a huge learning curve and greatly rewarding. Along with other stuff I've got running in parallel, I am happy that I've accomplished what I set to do.
  • Weddings. Kalyanams. Engagement parties. Nichiyatharthams...September was full on!
  • Later this month, one of my best friends, is getting married in Auckland. At last, I am attending a TamBram wedding after god-knows-how-many years. I cant wait for Oct 23rd. Ganesaaa!
  • I hate time zones. Why do all my good friends have to live in different timezones. Hmph!
  • I was at IKEA this weekend. I don't know what's with that place, it's my second visit there and I am writing about it again. Two things: I saw the biggest bathtub I've ever seen in my life. It was a size of a small lake. Massive. I also saw a slam-proof toilet seat. I tilted the toilet lid, and watched it slowly and noiselessly descend and close with faint click. The saleswomen pitching for the product looked very pleased. I asked her "do you have one that lifts automatically when someone approaches?", and immediately added "...and lowers when they depart?". The saleswoman gave a blank look and said "ahhh. no. sorry." Men can sometimes forget to lift the seat. This can cause a degree of domestic disharmony. I am sure IKEA will fully expound on the sales potential of the automatic seat lifting toilet. I wonder what's next?
  • NZ playing Australia today in Champions Trophy final now. Go the Black Caps! Underdogs vaazhgha!
  • I have not had Rasam for more than three weeks now. I am craving for hot thakaali rasam with poricha appalam.
  • This weekend is gonna be a cookfest.
  • I am brushing up my MATLAB skills. It's been 3 years since I've worked on MATLAB/Simulink. Hence the title of the post.


  1. Well, knowing you have mentioned about my wedding, let me take the honour to comment first on your recent post...

    1.Unnaipol Oruvan - Havent seen it yet but have heard a lot about it. Planning to watch it sometime this week.
    2.Yes, Kamal is the man when it comes to movie/cinema making. The experience and knowledge he has gained over the years along with the intelligence he possess can be seen in his every movie. I heard that almost all his scenes in the movie Vettaiyadu Velaiyadu were shot in one take.
    3.LOL...the clip is funny.
    4.Good to know you have been busy and not mucking around 'Frotitude" to hear you have accomplished all your tasks.
    5.How many Weddings,Kalyanams, Engagement parties, Nichiyatharthams did you attend in September??? LOL
    7.Tell me about time would have been fantastic if you were in would have attended the grand event last weekend...
    8.HAHA...looks like you have fallen in love with the automatic toilet seats!!!We have something to think about for your birthday or even better, for your wedding...LOL
    9.Yes, Black Caps were the underdogs and down under they is never enough against OZ.
    10.You can have all the rasam on 23rd Oct!! :D
    11.Enjoy your cookfest, dont burn down the house...LOL
    12.Good luck with MATLAB!!

  2. Thats a super spectrum ! Ranging from Unnai Pol Oruvan to an almost 'evan ivan ?' !

    We watched Wednesday here. Months back. And were taken in by the stellar performances over there. I wonder how UPO is !

    Enjoy the rasam. And the time zones. And the TamBram wedding. And Auckland. it king size !


  3. You MEANT IT when you said you ven't had RASAM for three weeks? I can't stand a day without rasam and poricha aplam:)

    TamBram Wedding:) Nothing beats it:)
    And I ve always liked reading/writing such rants:) Neat:)

  4. maapla,


    guess who's back?
    back again!
    gany's back
    tell a friend.


    cant wait for ur big day man. cant wait. :D i've sent you a mail.



    i think UPO is worth a watch even if you've seen A Wednesday. do check it out.

    hehe. i deftly will enjoy the rasam, wedding et al. looking fwd to it :D



    thanks! yes. nejamma. its been a while. i miss amma's cooking. re wedding, this is the first wedding in our 'group'. so we all are very excited! :)

  5. You will have Thakali Rasam and Poricha appalam my dear...

    Good update & good writing and expressing skills...I want to see the movie as well...

  6. Sriram,

    I like this style of blog post as in thoughts about different happenings in one post!

    Yeah, enjoy the wedding..and rasam sadham ... (curd rice kuda kadaikum i guess)

    Matlab ? i guess you must be from communication background..

    Last..nice blog title.

    UPO is a blockbuster here....

  7. Hey Sriram, I have'nt watched Unnaipol Oruvan, but i did watch A wednesday.....Kamalhasan is a great actor, if he stops overdoing things!!!

    Oh..rasam....that is the only thing i miss, while on travel....

    Nothing can beat a colourful & elegant Tambram wedding:-).

  8. anon, :)


    my background is power systems. we use MATLAB for some of our simulations. UPO is big hit here as well. i heard they're screening it again here due to popular demand.

    no meal is complete without the customary thayir saadham finish. :)

    blog title: elaan oru flow-la vandhadhu dhaan :D


    im gonna watch A Wednesday soon. yes, do watch UPO. kamal has struck a nice balance in this movie. worth a watch.

    aah..the charm of tambram wedding. looking fwd to it :)

  9. Sri...nice to see your 'eminesh' style reply...and got your email too. Yea bro, cant wait for the big day. not long to go now :D

  10. I too haven't had rasam in 3 weeks but I don't miss it at all! As long as I get sambar every now and then I am perfectly happy.

    Sounds like you are extremely busy :) Usually means good times, and makes for good stories!

  11. its been a while since i last commented on your blog...and i have always enjoyed reading all your posts...its always a pleasure reading em'...
    and yeah i did watch UPO..i guues i have nothing more to add seeing all the above one word..LEGENDARY ACTING!!

    talking about rasam..i have it almost every day..people call me the RASAM XPERT...:D

    Im goina reali miss GANU's wedding...i thot ill mak it to his reception atlst...but ill be in my native then..any ways, my thots will b lingering around d hall ganu..:)

    ughh..i hate TIME Zones too...keepin al my luvd ones, hours away...

    nice luk wid ya COOK FEST..

    not to forget..i enjoyed both reading and commenting at ya blog..

  12. Hey Sarah...yea,you certainly will be missed and it is a real shame that you cant make it to the reception either.its ok,i understand your situation and happy to know that your thoughts will be with me :) Moreover,you are being definitely represented,so it all good :)

  13. sarah,

    thank you so much :D i am happy that you like my blog. do keep visiting!

    ganesh's wedding is gonna be a massive event. we've been looking fwd to this for quite a while now. it's sad that you wouldnt be able to attend the reception. dunno if gans has organised a live wedding webcast. may be you can catch the action after all!

    thanks again sarah! :)

  14. fd,

    oops. missed ur comment. sambhar eh. i gotta learn to make it.