Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Sri Rambles

I've been away for a while. My apologies.

Thanks to those who mailed/txted "kannaa, no blog updates. what happened?", or commanded " ezhudhu da!", or threatened "Update, or else!" in the last 2-3 weeks. It is, you know, nice to be missed :D With most of my commitments over for this year, I hope to post regularly from now on.

As of yesterday, its been one year since I started blogging. Time flies! I’ve enjoyed the journey. I like writing. It’s fun. Writing helps me in interpreting things better and enhances perspective. Having a blog has given me more reasons to write, to write more and to write better. Apart from the desire to write, the fact that people will read and comment on it adds a thrill to the whole process. It makes me come back again, and again...

Over the last one year, I’ve come across some excellent blogs and met people whom I don't think I would've connected with if not for blogging. Most of my blog friends are in India. I hope to meet you guys when I visit India early next year.

So, I thank you, dear reader, for visiting this blog and special thanks to those who always leave a comment :D Pretty much everything in this world runs on feedback. It’s a great feeling when someone has read my post and bothered to leave a comment.



  1. sari sari. but this post wont be considered as regular post :)

  2. Apologies for stopping by so late. Do enthrall us with your posts and Good Luck:)Blogging is one of those experiences in life..i know not what to say more.

  3. vijay, adhu seri :)

    archana, yep. danke! :)

  4. Sriram,

    I hope to see your blog in BLINK sometime soon :)

    Congrats again on 1+.I should write a blog on similar lines in december :)

  5. Hiya ,
    Good to see you back
    Good to
    you back

    Pl sing this in the tune of the black out song of Akld CDB

  6. nirmal, thanks! im re-reading the last sections of the book. will post my review soon. promise :)

    chithi, :D

  7. Every blog is unique in its own way. Good technique to reason as to why you could not it... interesting hyper link to the previous blog as refresher..good work mate..

  8. Machi...Congrats and Happy Anniversary!! It feels like you just started blogging but one year is up already...awesome stuff. Over the past year, you have blogged on various have kept the reader entertained and interested...great stuff. Congrats again and may your blogging reach greater heights in the years to come!!