Friday, July 16, 2010

Tagged: Gender Bender

Ashwin has tagged me. The tag asks me to list "my sins against gender stereotypes". Interesting. Well, here I go:

#1 I cannot cook if there are unwashed dishes in the kitchen sink. I have to do the dishes first before I start any cooking. The sight of unwashed dishes makes me uneasy. I live with 3 flatmates - one flatmate (a girl) is like me and the other two (both guys) think doing dishes more than once a week is a waste of time. Ever heard of kitchen wars? No? Come to my place to witness it live :-)

#2 When I was a kid I used to love having Mehndi applied on my hands. My mum was brilliant in Mehndi decorations that during wedding season we used to have Kalyana ponnus (brides) visiting our place to get Mehndi done. I used to patiently watch Amma do wonders with the Mehndi cone and occasionally help out by topping up the lemon solution (the soln enhances Mehndi colour on the skin). The last time I had Marudhani - not Mehndi cos there were no intricate shapes or patterns, only a circular mehndi patch on the centre of the palm - was during my poonal in 1997. I still have the temptation of having a kutti flower/pattern drawn on my palm whenever I see someone applying Mehndi.

#3 I like cats. Cats are cute but can be a beyatch sometimes. I hate it when people kick cats.

#4 Okay, I am not a soccer fan. The game doesn't excite me like Cricket, Tennis or Rugby Union. Till date I haven't sat through an entire soccer game. The teeny weeny interest I had in WC vanished when Maradona's team crashed out. Post Argentina's exit, I couldn't wait for WC to finish. I really need to watch some cricket to reset my system.

#5 Like #1, I need to have a CLEAN and ORGANISED desk before I start studying. Nothing goes into the brain when there is clutter before me.

#6 I don't watch horror movies. I don't like Sci-Fi either (with the exception of Matrix trilogy). But I lost count how many times I've watched Alaipayuthey, Forrest Gump, Kanda Naal Mudhal, One Fine Day, Hitch... yea, romantic comedies. I like'em.

#7 I hate cigarette smoke and smoker's shaakadai (stench of sewage) breath.

I've written 7 "sins". I'd like to pass this tag to 7 bloggers.

Pearls of Life
Foreign Desi

Thanks for the tag Ashwin :-)


  1. @ soccer - Thank god there is someone who doesnt like soccer. I dont even know how many players are in a team.

  2. I cannot sleep/relax/study/work without keeping the home clean...but I hate doing dishes....I will do all other work at home except that.

  3. this ones for the ladies huh.

  4. ashwin, :)

    me, same pinch :)

    kumz, na bro. anyone can do it. you can do the tag if u like.

  5. Wow..Sriram..thanks for the tag.
    Will complete it.

    Not a Soccer Fan? Sriram,i was probably one like u,few years back,just pick up a team and start following.EPL is starting next month..pick some team and follow :)

    That game gets on you.

  6. Hi Nirmal,

    I did follow ManU briefly, then lost touch. It looks like we are gonna have Fox sports at my place soon (my flatmates are rugby/soccer fan(atics)) so i'll able catch all the action. I'll give it another shot this time :) looking fwd to reading ur tag.

  7. Yes, for some reason, I was never a big time soccer buff during my growing up days. Guess that we are so addicted to cricket, anything else is only secondary!

  8. Okay, this tag mania is spreading faster than a virus.

    Nice. Enjoyed.

    Some of the photos you have in other posts are fantastic.

    if you get time please read my sins as well...

  9. Hey, thanks for the tag, though i don't think i can find 7 sins. The Mehendi one was hilarious :)


  10. Hey, thanks for the tag, though i don't think i can find 7 sins. The Mehendi one was hilarious :)


  11. If you like photography, then please visit

    Thank you! :D

  12. Wait a minute, you've seen somebody kick a cat?

  13. This is one of your cutest blog ever.You have revealed to all and sundry that you are a softie at heart and a lovable one too.keep it up and thank you for ever for being so honest and when i write this I see you as a little boy I know with a cute little mehndi in your cute little some european soccer that will have you steaming and screaming.

  14. Done with the tag and liked reading yours too.

    Thanks much:)

  15. Just wanted to let you know that I have really enjoyed your blog, the photos are wonderful!

    (I'm the same way...gotta do dishes before I


  16. beautiful blog..pls visit mine and be a follower.. thanks and God bless..

  17. Since FD doesn't exist anymore, you should edit it to reflect :D

    And I can relate to a lot of these sins :P

  18. Praveen, i agree. cricket ruled and it still rules. if i remember right, back in the doordarshan days, soccer didnt have any coverage apart from the world cup, whereas sports like Tennis we got to see major games atleast 4 times a year for every Grand slam and may be the occasional Davis cup.

    joshi, agaramudala, jkrft: thank you :)

    Dr Esq, yes I have. It was sick!

    Chithi, Archana: thanks

    A Little bird, joven: thank you

    srisarts, done!

    Abinaya, hahah. welcome here!

  19. Awww....enjoyed ur tag, infact liked it very much. Like Annu said the lil boy with mehandi on his hand totally happy, is so endearing:-).