Friday, August 13, 2010

Momentos - Kaatchipizhai

Momentos - Life's good

I got this video as a forward. It's only 7 mins long. There is no narrative, still it manages induce a myraid of emotions. I was touched. Check it out.

காட்சிபிழை - Parallax

A short film by Karthik Subbaraj.


  1. Very Touchy Machi!
    I have watched Parallax already...thanks to FB :)

    Lots of awesome short stories i get to see these day!!! One advantage of networking sites like Facebook.

    Recent one was Nallavanai Kettavanu Akkuvadhu eppidi..though the concept they show is not acceptable..but it was funny :)

  2. wangjingping, mm. sorry?

    nirmal, ya machi. i saw nallavana .. eppadi. twas funny. those two guys had a vaal..hahah. quite a few people are making short films these days. Some of them have some serious talent. hope they can make it big :)

  3. dint quite get the idea of the first video.

    Also I thought the second video was too long for its message.