Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Dear Anandha Bhavan,

Changi Airport, Singapore
1047hrs SGT

Dear Anandha Bhavan,

When Madras deprived souls like us transit at Singapore's Changi Airport, the moment we touch down, the moment we see 'Nal Varavu' written in bold and XXL Thamizh font, the moment we see Airport staff with name badges that read 'Kala Chithra', 'Senthil Kumar', 'Sundara Vadivel', 'Kuzhalmozhi', a quiet excitement and happiness envelop us. It is akin to the excitement when Chennai Express approaches Madras Central you see the railway tracks suddenly mutate to a dozen tracks, you realize you are home. Singapore is our threshold to Thamizh Nadu. Yesterday when we departed for Singapore, a friend told us 'goto Anandha Bhavan in Terminal 2', we started to salivate. Process 'NaaklaJalamOorufication' went into overdrive at the thoughts of having Nei Roast and piping hot Filter Coffee. If you don't already know, there is only one type of Nei Roast (Ghee Roast) in this world. That's Anandha Bhavan Nei Roast. You, and only you, make it best. But, we were let down. You, Anandha Bhavan, have placed your outlet OUTSIDE the transit area. Why o why wouldn't you cater for the scores of transit'ers like us and focus on the random local who wouldn't care to travel all the way to the airport to have your offerings or even bother to give you a second look when he's inundated with plethora of choices. Don't bother explaining. My request is simple. Open an outlet in the transit area's Food court, not for me, or my fellow travelers, atleast for Nei Roast's sake!

Yours truly,

A Nei Roast Priyan.

ps: You may ask me to have Nei Roast at Kaveri. I can't do that for two reasons:

a. Kaveri does not serve Nei Roast.
b. Tongue, taste, emotions are interlinked with each other. The emotional disconnect of having a Nei Roast at Kaveri is as big as Nei Roast itself.


  1. I started to be BJP upon reading this Anada Bhavan - Nei Roast. Good holiday mood has sunk in well. Hope you had good food while fying to Heathrow. Well writen Dis - appointment, approval, agree.

  2. Spoken like a true Madras guy. Nei Roast and Filter Kaapi, simply 'NaaklaJalamOorufication' wonly.

  3. Sure im younger but i can absolutely relate to the wonderful sense of "belonging" that washes over you when you touch down at changi and start to encounter "our people" lol. Its something every Indian(especially those from tamil nadu) gets! Hope you start writing again brother.