Sunday, September 1, 2013

Let's go!

Darwin Airport
1448hrs AEST

Sindhu and I are about to embark on an adventure. Its been something I wanted to do for the past decade. Something we've been planning, amidst many other things that's been happening, for the best part of the last 12 months. And the moment is finally here. Europe Trip!

We're about to jet off on a 1.5 months trip to UK and Europe. Our travel plan involves visiting 7 countries, staying at-least 4 nights or more in 9 different towns/cities. This is our first trip to this part of the world, so I am sure you can easily guess most places we have on our itinerary. 

The 'skeleton' travel plan goes something like this:

London > Paris > Krakow > Prague > Vienna > Luzern > Lauterbrunnen > Venice > Rome

I think we've gotta visit Europe a million times or live there for a decade if we want to see most places
we had in our wish list. That's why its so hard to draw up an trip itinerary for a place like Europe. Each place is steeped in history and significance, and they are also relatively close by, that you don't wanna drop it off your list. Sigh! 

Anyway. Like any overseas trip of this length, there are many unknowns. We've done a heap of reading from books and online travel forums like Tripadvisor, Fodors, LonelyPlanet etc which offer a wealth of info on what to see and tips from people who've been there. So we had a 'plan' for each day...and suddenly a realization hit on us that this was a holiday and not a planned High Voltage Feeder Cutover! So we took the pedal off this excessive daily planning crap and go with the flow. Whether the flow is a raging current or a gentle stream is totally up to us.

Why are you doing it now? Yen? Edhukku? 

Well. If not now, when? There is a line in one of my favourite ARR song 'Urvasi' - Irubadhu vayadhil aadaamal, aruvadhil aadi enna payan.  Do it when you can. YOLO! 

I have finished a work assignment here and I want to take my some time off, 'let my hair down' and have fun. 

Plus, I like travelling, meeting people from different cultures, nudging out of the comfort zone...just another method of developing as a person.

Enough of this ramble. I need a drink before take off. I intend to update this page as we go. See you soon! Tata :D


  1. Hope you enjoy your trip! Read that blog i linked on as you go, you will enjoy your trip infinitely more! Happy travelling :)

  2. All the very best, Happy & safe trip, enjoy the journey, ARS & RS join me to wish you...enjamai enjamai